Cansada das camisas de sempre? Que tal uma gola NOVA E LINDA?

Olhem que achado esse, que vem lá do Love Maegan: golas, lindas e diferentes, pra gente usar com aquelas camisas já chatinhas que temos no armário...achei barbadinha de fazer e o melhor: dá pra soltar bem a criatividade e usar novos materiais...hummmm....

Hot Under the Collar : DIY Fancy Collars

DIY Feather collar-with peter pan collar silk dress

Collars & neck accessories are on trend right now... actually, they have been for quite some time and I just love the extra detail they add to a shirt or outfit. So fun for Fall. In 2008 I made a little black lace collar {seen below on the red shirt} and listed it for sale on Etsy. In fact, I made a few... but 2008 was a bit too soon for everyone to accept the fancy collar trend and they didn't sell. But now, a few years later, layered collars, collar statement necklaces, bow ties, ribbons, tassels, feathers, you name it, are adorning necks around the globe. Here are some fun ideas to add to your button down shirts or dresses to give them that extra punch of glamour and modernity. I've used lace, doilies, and feathers for this DIY but the options are limitless really.


DIY Fancy Collars-materials

* Scissors
* Needle & Thread
* Ribbons {and a lighter to singe the ends}
* Various notions or trim: lace, feathers, doilies, tassels, beads, appliques, fur... whatever you can think of.


DIY Feather collar-1

* Using about 17" of feather trim {or measure your neck with a button down on}...

DIY Feather collar-2

* Singe ends of satin ribbon with a lighter to keep them from fraying and stitch on either end of your feather trim. If you're going to wear it around your neck alone, instead of under a shirt collar, you may want to line the entire trim edge with your satin ribbon. Since mine will not be showing, I'm not too concerned with what the edge will look like.

DIY Feather collar+with vintage dress

If you'd prefer not to have a bow tie in the center you can measure more precisely and use velcro, a snap or a hook, but I like the bow tie effect. A ribbon with a wider width would be cute as well. {seen around a vintage dress}

DIY Feather collar - with vintage dress


DIY doily lace collar-1

* You'll need two doilies for this unless you and your neck are tiny.

DIY doily lace collar-2

* Carefully cut out the centers {I'm not worried about fraying or unraveling as this look is a little more vintage-cowgirl-inspired - with a little Sister Wife thrown in for good measure ;} {Make earrings with the inner circles}

DIY doily lace collar-3

* Cut open.

DIY doily lace collar-4

* Spread/stretch it out as much as you can.

DIY doily lace collar-5

* Overlap the ends to create a nice circle. Pin and try on around your shirt collar for length then stitch together.

DIY doily lace collar-6

* Stitch your ribbon to either end. Again, if your edges are going to show, stitch your ribbon along the entire edge of the doilies by folding it over. I used the selvage of some vintage lace for my ribbon on this one.

DIY doily collar with bow   tie on  denim shirt

* Vintage Wrangler denim shirt from Etsy shop 86 Vintage who seriously has AMAZINGLY COOL vintage items in their shop. LIKE AMAZING.


DIY Feather collar-3

* Cut about 13-15" of lace and stitch your ribbons to the ends. Make your ribbons as long or short or wide or thin as you like.

DIY black lace collar and  ribbon over vintage red blouse

DIY black lace collar and ribbon over vintage red blouse

Have Fun!

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