Colar de Flores, mega fácil! USE E AHAAAAAAASEEEEEEE....

Mais um a Lá do Tongue in Chic: Como fazer aqueles colares lindos, com flores mesmo, sabe? Dá um mega efeito no visual e é tão fácil fazer que não preciso nem traduzir o post pra vocês - ele se auto-explica! =D

DIY: Flower Bib Necklace

Like the bib trend but can't possible think of spending your lunch money on it? Then do it yourself for much less! Here's a tutorial to get a quirky bib necklace with a flower feature you can proudly flaunt in a matter of hours. If floral buds aren't your cup of tea then replace it with an applique of choice but to begin, here's what you'll need...
Fake flowers
Corrugated plastic board / felt fabric*
(*by using felt, you can't cheat with adhesive but results would be much cleaner and nicer)
Steps 1:
Draw desired bib pattern on corrugated plastic board and cut accordingly.
Steps 2:
Place fake flower onto the bib and sew to the board or cheat by using
adhesive glue (UHU or glue gun). Decorate the whole bib with flowers
or anything you want like feathers or buttons.

Steps 3:
Sew in place to connect ribbon or elastic tape to the bib. Another option would be to make an incision at each ends of the board and thread the ribbon through, knot the ends of the ribbon to fasten the necklace.
That's it!
what an easy way to style up your outfit for a soiree!

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