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In the Thick of It: 3 Fancy Hairstyles for Thick Hair
Braided bun hairstyle tutorial
As host to a rather large amount of hair, I’ve had my fair share of coiffure conundrums over the years. Whether I was eschewing the dreaded ringlet for my senior prom, or wrangling my mop into a behemothic beehive for my wedding, I did my best to bypass the typical, opting instead for something more unique. So, when a request rolled in from a ModCloth Style Ambassadorseeking formal up-do ideas for thick hair, I leapt at the opportunity to solve her hairstyle headache!
Whether you’re prepping for prom, flying to Fashion Week, or simply seeking a new way to tame your mane, the three thick-hair-friendly styles below not only all use the same tools, but can be easily crafted to suit any occasion. The kicker? Each one can also be altered to suit ladies with manes of lesser proportions!
The Braided Bun
Braided bun hairstyle tutorial
For this braided bun, inspired by this post from The Beauty Department, you’ll need: hair elastics and bobby pins that match your hair color.
1. Section your hair off into five braids: three in the back, two in the front. Secure each braid with an elastic at the end.
2. Starting with the back, take the first braid and twist into a flat bun against your head, anchoring with bobby pins as you go.
3. Wrap the next braid against the first, being sure to tuck the elastic out of sight. Secure with more bobby pins.
4. Repeat Step 3 with the third braid.
5. Finally, take the two front braids and wrap them around your nearly completed bun, being sure to hide the elastics and securing each braid with plenty more bobby pins. Finish off with a shot of hairspray to set the style.

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