Quer um cap toe e não sabe como?

E néééé que tudo no mundo a gente copia, minha gente! Se der a fonte, fica mais digno, claro. Esse DIY veio lá do ótimo  A Pair and Spare, e além de suuuuuuper simples, é super lindo. Tudo pra gente dar aquela repaginada necessária no nosso sapato gostoso, mas velho e sem graça. Bora?


Neon cap toe heels have been on my mind for a while, ever since I posted this.  I decided to have a go at making a pair as the second project in my ongoing collaboration with Tony Bianco.


You need:
A pair of rounded or pointed pumps (these are Tony Bianco 'Karr', which are a great everyday heel)
Masking tape
A paintbrush
White and neon yellow acrylic paints


How to: 
1. Tape off a cap toe at the front of the heels with masking tape.


2. Make sure to press hard on the edges of masking tape.


3. First do a coat of white paint. Let dry for a few hours.


4. Then do a couple of coats of yellow paint.

To remove the brush strokes which were quite pronounced on my suede heels, wait until the paint is semi dry, and then wet your fingers with water and smooth any lines. I found this made a huge different to the look of the cap toe.


5. To reduce the chances of the paint cracking when you take off the masking tape (this can happen when doing multiple layers of paint) and giving you a shaky line (nothing worse), rather than waiting until the paint is completely dry, I removed the tape when the paint was still a little moist and then put aside to dry overnight.


Et Voila! Such a simple update and bang on (neon) trend. Outfit pics to come - the weather has been horrendous in HK but as soon as the sun is shining I'll be getting a few pics in these babies.


Thanks Geri + Sophie for inspiring me to have a crack at the cap toe! Simple as can be.

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2 comentários:

  1. Fica lindo, mas não sei se tenho coragem de arriscar não!! Vai que borra!! huauhaauhauh

  2. good job girl!
    I really enjoyed the work you did here :DDDD


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