Letras decorativas feitas de papelão e lã: LINDAS!

Eu adoro itens de decoração, e pra variar, estava atrás daquelas letronas grandes pra decorar a parede da sala. Eis que dei de cara com esse blog gringo, o Evie S. e me apaixonei. Dá pra fazer a tal letrona de lã e papelão...imagina?? E o resultado: ÓTIMO! Ataca de google tradutor aí, bonita!


I’ve got a lovely project to share with you. I used this monogram for a sweet friend’s baby shower. I love making party decorations that they can bring home and use as part of their decor. A word of warning though, this is not for the faint of heart. It took a loooong time to wrap this letter. But the results…so worth it!!
Step 1: Print out your monogram using a rounded font in your desired size. I used St. Ryde.Rounded corners make it easier to work around.
Step 2: Cut out the letter and trace onto cardboard. I used a Cheerio box!
Step 3: Wrap away! You can wind some yarn off a skein or ball to make a smaller ball – this is more manageable. Make as many balls as you need. I also recommend a thick yarn, which would make your job a lot easier and faster. I probably wrapped the whole letter at least 3 times with mine to get everything covered and nice and thick.
Step 4: A bajillion wraps later, and you’re done! Hot glue the ends down in the back of the letter.
You can leave it as is for a more modern look, or you can have fun with it and embellish with buttons, fabric flowers, ribbon, bows, whatever! That’s the fun part. I made up some fabric yo-yos and embellished with some pretty beads in the center.
I made mine pretty big – about 7 inches tall, but you can make smaller ones too. I think that a little one would be super cute.

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