Essa dica é tão boa, que eu também fiz o meu...mas depois eu mostro: Como fazer do seu lenço preferido, uma bolsa estilosa (sem perder o lenço!)!!! Veio lá do ótimo Swellmayde...ó:

DIY scarf bag (Hermes Knotting Cards)

(topshop dress, asos cuff)

I’ve always been attracted to beautiful scarves, but I usually do the same old thing… simply wrap them around my head. Last Christmas, I received these Hermes Knotting Cards that teach you an endless amount ways to accessorize with a scarf. They are so inspiring! And to top it off, the illustrations are so adorable and extremely easy to follow.

Above I show you the steps from my favorite card, to make this “Maxi Sac”. And if you don’t have a scarf lying around, I tried another version with leftover fabric (about 1 ¼ yards)… and it worked out just as well! This will definitely be my go to beach bag… Enjoy!

Update:  I've gotten a few questions about the ability to open and close the bag.  There is only a knot in the middle, and has an opening on the left and right side of the knot (allowing you to place things inside, once the bag is already made).  Let me know if you have any other questions.

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