Headband bacanudaaaaaaaaaaa

Quer ser moderninha fia? Então, te joga nas headbands, que tem sido cada vez mais usadas mundo a fora. Esse DIY veio lá do Tongue in Chic...então, nem precisa de tradução, pq as imagens se auto-explicam:

DIY: Rope Headband

- Ribbon
Elastic band (any size)
Thin rope (from any hardware store)
- Needle and thread , scissors, double sided tape

Step 1:
Cut the rope into two. Approximately 1.5 feet/ 46cm equally.

Step 2:
Fold the strings (A + B)  llike the picture below. Place B under A, and push loop B through A so that now B appears to be on top . Then, pull  the ends of A over loop B to form a circle in the middle. See pictures below.

Step 3:
To make sure the ends of the rope doesn't unravel, use double-sided tape to go around the edges and then cover the tape with ribbon. Repeat until all four rope ends are done.

Step 4:
Twist the rope like the pictures shown below before sewing the ends.

Step 5:
Measure your head with the completed rope and estimate the remaining space for the elastic band. Finally, sew it on.

And voila! You're done.

You can use other materials beside rope. Perhaps you can opt for ribbons, chains and even pleated yarn.

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