Quer usar um turbante bapho??? Aprende aqui, bonita!

Garotas! Esse DIY vem lá do The Glamourai, um blog bapho de moda...nem traduzi ele, pq as fotos são auto-explicativas...e o turbante meu amor...é bapho! Aprende aí:

{ how to } tie your own turban

you all know that i'm trying to grow my hair out, and have been brainstorming creative ways to hide its awkward in-between stages. enter the faux-turban! this fun headwrap works with almost any haircut ~ and luckily, all you need is a lightweight, vintage silk scarf (30" square is ideal) and a little ingenuity to pull the look off!!
{ outfit above originally posted in full yesterday } 
begin by folding your square-shaped scarf on the diagonal, like so:

center the long, folded side of the scarf at the nape of your neck...

...and pull the left & right-side pieces up to the top of your head. then, knot them once...

...like so:

next, pull the same pieces you just knotted around to the back again:

and tie them into a double-knot:

tuck the tail-ends of that knot under the side pieces:

finally, grab the piece hanging out in front and pull it up and under, tucking the tip of it into that first knot you made at the top of your head...

...and voila!the result is a little bit rockabilly, a bit boho ~ and totally easy to execute (seriously, it takes about 4 seconds from start to finish). so have fun with it, let me know in the comments if you have any questions, and please post photos to my facebook page if you decide to work the look yourself! 

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